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Large scale works - street art

art walls, deco drawings, craft works, installation, sculptures  and others

Since the very beginning of her career as a painter, Katarina Vasickova was searching for another tools, spaces and expressions outside from the galleries. She is creating art walls in the public buildings; she is painting the walls in the streets, making small pieces of art from stones and other objects, installations and sculptures.  This made her art approachable and many people discovered her this way.      Co-operating with companies and winemakers is a special activity for Katarina and giving her the space and new ideas for creating.

Some of these projects she made free of charge, with the target to bring light and happiness to spaces as hospitals, kindergartens, etc.

design walls with clay plasters

clay plasters in contemporary art and interior design

Since 2012 Katarina collaborates with the architect Eliska Turanska on their project called Art4wall. It is contemporary and modern way of wall designing with use of natural pure and healthy clay plasters. They worked together on public spaces in Athens, lately preparing large projects in Croatia and Scotland.

more on www.art4wall.sk

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Athens, Greece